Nursery Kitchen

Stand number: C11

Nursery Kitchen lovingly prepares fresh, tasty, and nutritious meals and snacks specially for nursery schools. With wholesome menus packed with variety and flavours from around the world, nurseries can take children on exciting taste adventures, where they can develop a love for healthy food for life. Nursery Kitchen uses only the best ingredients, sourced with kindness to animals, people and planet, to create a better world for our children to inherit.

Food safety is at the heart of Nursery Kitchen. From preparing meals in their SALSA accredited kitchen, all the way to delivery in temperature-controlled vans; they follow rigorous safety procedures to keep children safe.

Nurseries are supported to create their unique, nutritionally balanced menu from Nursery Kitchen’s delicious breakfast, lunch, tea, dessert, and snack options, ensuring that dietary and allergen requirements are met.

Meals and snacks are delivered chilled, ready to be cooked in the nurseries oven and served!

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