Stand number: B19

Humanitarian Operations (HOPE) was set up as a charity dedicated to helping every nursery in the UK and soon globally. Run by 12 child directors all between the ages of 8 – 18, they have launched a platform to teach children worldwide how to read and type, master numeracy, develop social skills and learn about the world they live in, with our character Ziggy. Ziggy is every child’s best friend and learns along with them using our next generation Augmented Reality technology. Teaching lessons and playing games that help children learn vital life skills including safety and motor skill development. As a charity supported by some of the world’s largest commercial enterprises, the product we offer is world class at an affordable price because we seek to improve the life of every child globally, rather than profit from educating them. A major part of our mission is to give you, the early years education sector the tools to shine.

Please come and see us and fall in love with the magic of HOPE and give Ziggy a chance to be your new best friend.

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Website: http://hope3g.com