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Rotunda Roundhouses Ltd, the only UK manufacturer of circular, modular eco-buildings for early years education.
If you're developing a new nursery business, or expanding an existing site or primary school it might be worth considering how your built environment impacts your business... a Roundhouse enables you to connect with each other, with nature, and with our ancient ancestors.
Did you realise that the circular footprint is the most commonly found form in our earliest architecture, dating back to pre-neolithic times? We exist to provide inclusive, supportive educational environments, classrooms, staff rooms and nursery buildings.
Being a high-performance modular building utilising state of the art construction and joinery techniques the Rotunda is the modern equivalent to the 'Roundhouse' and puts an end to the drudgery of typical 'modular' buildings.
The Rotunda is unlike any other building available in the UK, it’s a fully functional high-performance building with excellent thermal dynamics and jaw-dropping aesthetics. Being modular, a Roundhouse installation can be completed in as little as two weeks, ensuring minimum disruption to your site or business.
.....Whoever said that buildings had to be square anyway?